Frequently Asked Questions 

SIM related help

How do I activate my SIM & bundle?
Step 1 - Network Activation

Your SIM card will be ready for you to activate when it arrives in the post. Simply place the SIM card into your phone and dial 1244 or any valid UK phone number. You will receive an SMS message from us welcoming you to our network.

If you purchased a bundle with your SIM proceed to step 2.

You may be prompted to restart your device to access all network features including 4G data, this process can take up to 24 hours to fully complete.
Step 2 - Bundle Activation

Sign in to your IC Mobile account and click 'Activation'.
Click the 'Activate' button next to the phone number you're activating (be sure to complete step 1 first).
Confirm the top up & bundle activation.
Your bundle will now be activated and ready to use

Where can I buy a SIM?

Order your SIM here.

Where can I find my PIN/PUK?

This information is on your SIM packaging or please contact customer services.

My SIM has stopped working?

If you do not use a chargeable call or text for 31 days your SIM will become “Dormant” you will need to contact customer service to re-activate within 88 days (since last used). Your SIM will be fully deactivated if the service is not used for 90 days. You mobile phone number will be permanently deleted after 90 days of no use.

Which devices will accept my IC Mobile SIM?

Any unlocked GSM mobile.

Common questions

How do I allocate and call my FREE NUMBERS?

To allocate or change your 4 FREE NUMBERS please sign into your IC Mobile account and select the Options & Top Up on the Device/SIM, enter the numbers and names you wish to nominate.

To CALL one of those free numbers first dial 1209 from your device, listen to the options 1 to 4 and select the relevant option for the number you wish to call.

Can I use my service abroad?

SIMs and services are automatically enabled for international use.

Charges will vary depending on which country you are visiting and which numbers you are calling. A list of these charges can be found Call Rates or International Call Rates

Does my SIM come enabled for Internet Access?

Our services and SIMs are always enabled for data (3G and 4G) however some settings might need changing on your device. Please contact customer services if you are unable to access the internet

Higher Rate Calls – Numbers not included

Higher rate calls such as premium rate numbers (eg: 084/087/118/09) or certain 07 UK mobile numbers (eg: Lyca Mobile) are not part of your IC Mobile Bundles.

Calling abroad from the UK might also be prevented if numbers dialled are higher than standard international rates. To call Higher Rate Numbers you would need to add additional credit to your account (Top up)

Lost or Stolen

Please contact customer services as soon as possible: 0800 689 1676 or support@icmobile.co.uk


Your voicemail is already available. To listen to your messages, change your PIN or any other settings please dial 1233 at any time.

Top up

How do I top up?

Online - using my IC Mobile Account here

Online - top up any IC Mobile here

Telephone - Call 0800 689 1676

How do I check my remaining balance/allowances?

Text BAL to 1244 or log into your IC Mobile account

Mobile number

What is my mobile number?

Your number will be on the SIM card packaging, it can be found when you sign into your IC Mobile account and you will receive a reminder when your SIM is activated.

Keeping your existing number

First you must request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your current network provider. 
Please ensure your new IC Mobile SIM is activated.

Contact IC Mobile customer service team support@icmobile.co.uk and provide your new (temporary) Mobile Number and the PAC

Once we have these details it will take up-to 72 hours to perform the transfer of your number. (you will not lose service on your old network SIM until the number migration is in progress)

PAC Requests

Text: PAC to 65075 or visit: https://portme.co.uk

STAC Requests

Text: STAC to 75075 or visit: https://portme.co.uk

Manager account holders

How to add Delegate Managers?

Log in to your IC Mobile Account > Manager Accounts > Add Manager Account Tab > Enter manager details and relevant permissions. 
Delegate managers will receive an email asking them to complete the rest of the set-up

Assign Service Users

When logged in click on the Device you wish to assign: More Options > Assign Service User > Enter Details

(Create an IC Mobile Account for the user if you would like them to process their own Top Ups)

Invoicing System

Mobile Manager accounts are set up with an Invoicing system to be more efficient. ‘Top Up’ transactions performed throughout a billing period are accumulated up to 3pm on your invoice date, an Invoice will be issued for the total balance of transactions and you will have 7 days to settle (transactions after 3pm on your invoice date will be added to next month’s invoice)

All bills and transactions can be viewed on your IC Mobile Manager Account.

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